Text2Floss and PH2OH featured at ADHA in Nashville, Tenn.

Supporters of Text2Floss convene at the Text2Floss booth.
Supporters of PH2OH, including gold medalist Misty Hyman, convene at the PH2OH booth.

AT Still/ASDOH showcased two booths at the 2015 American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) Meeting in Nashville, Tenn. ASDOH’s PH2OH booth was at the Innovation Center in collaboration with GC America, a major partner with the purpose of enhancing technologies that continue to improve overall health and wellness.

PH2OH booth displayed at the Innovation Center.
PH2OH booth displayed at the Innovation Center.

The PH2OH  APP measures and records the pH of saliva, known to play an important role in overall health with the goal of supporting vitality and well-being of people all over the world.

Misty Hyman, American Olympic swimming gold medalist, joined ASDOH as a health and wellness ambassador. She chatted and interacted with attendees while they learned about the technology initiatives.

Tony, Diane, Misty and Azra meet at the Text2Floss booth.
Tony, Diane, Misty and Azra meet at the Text2Floss booth.

A second booth for Text2Floss was featured by ASDOH in collaboration with Curaprox, a Swiss premium oral care company. The booth was in the new ADHA/Henry Schein Innovation Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) during the exhibits portion of the 2015 ADHA Annual Meeting. The center featured an array of technologies, products and equipment in the dental industry from a variety of companies.

“The ADHA and Henry Schein Dental have had a long standing partnership to bring our meeting attendees the ADHA/Henry Schein Dream Center,” said ADHA Executive Director Ann Battrell, MSDH. “This year, the dream has become reality with the brand-new ADHA/Henry Schein Innovation Center. We are excited to showcase technological advancements in the oral health industry within the Innovation Center for the benefit of dental hygienists and their patients.” ASDOH was proud to be a participant in the Innovation Center.

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